A Tribute


Shortly after SOE Landmark’s Zero Year Anniversary, SOE was sold by Sony and became Daybreak Games. Many SOE employees were let go shortly thereafter. This page is dedicated to the tribute wall created by the Landmark and wider SOE player community. Many of these people inspired me like never before. I wish all of you the best of luck in the future and I know we will see more great things from you guys.

Most of these images were posted by Landmark’s Twitter community users and also posted on the Landmark forums.  Only a couple of them do I take credit for myself. I tried to catch the progress as more and more players signed. I hope you all enjoy.

Check out the screenshots below: (click the image for a larger version)

 goodbye-card3333  cardfront4444 goodbyedave goodbye-card6  goodbye-card7  goodbye-card5 goodbye-card4 goodbye-card8 goodbye-card31 goodbye-card36 goodbye-card35 goodbye-card34 goodbye-card33 goodbye-card32  goodbye-card30