FryCaptain’s Combination Lock v5

This is FryCaptain’ s Combination Lock v5.  This purpose of this page is to walk people through the installation process.

This combination lock can be hooked up to any interactive prop that allows linking.  You can set the 5 number combination of your choice.  You must get the bundle with the input panel for best results.  Or you can choose any of FryCaptain’s Input Panels that will be listed separately as long as they are marked as version 5 (v5).

Combination Lock – Price: 300SC

Input Panel – Price: 50SC
Combination Lock & Input Panel Bundle – Price: 325SC
Landmark Marketplace – Dhara’s Builds


Installation Video:


1.  Do NOT try to place without all of the props available in your inventory! The links will not work if you do.

2. We forgot to add in the video that you should right click your door and “break” the little lock on the upper right of that blue menu so other players cannot click your door.

3. If you are having trouble, try the master reset button.  It’s the yellow one on the top row.  If that doesn’t work, then place another copy of your template.  Finally, feel free to contact us if you need help!!

4. This lock is the first one we have built using the first iteration of Linking & Triggering.  We have done everything possible to deal with some of the bugs that are happening in the game at this time. Sometimes the server bounce every morning can cause issues and sometimes props will just decide to move on their own and you have to move them back.  Not a lot we can do about some of those things.  However, we will be providing updates to this lock as new buttons and tech become available. When we update this particular lock we will be more than happy to provide anyone who has purchased this v5.0 lock from the studio a free upgrade to the new v5.x lock.  Contact either Dhara or FryCaptain in game, post in the comments below,  or post on our support forum for assistance.

5. Pay attention to the placement of your combination lock! We would recommend putting it underground so it can’t be found by visitors at all. At least place it in a building/room with walls at least three voxels thick (or put an empty space in between your inner and outer wall). Do not put buttons that open doors from the inside on an outside wall either. Until we get the clipping bug fixed where folks can see inside and sometimes almost “step inside” a wall or door prop, these are the measures we recommend to keep your building as secure as possible.

Easthaven Bank Demo:

Watch this demo to see how we used this lock on our claim!