Kerran Private Dwelling

Winning Entry in the SOE Kerran Foundation Contest!

This little home is modest in size, but big on comfort.  The home can sleep up to four family members in two loft bedroom areas.  It has kitchen and eating accommodations, shaded catwalks, an inviting open living area upstairs and a unique skylight.  And, of course, I couldn’t refuse adding a cute little outhouse off to the back.   Everything a Kerran family needs to live in comfort and style!  Tour it in person on the Kerran Foundation Island, Coming Soon™

Check out the screenshots below: (click the image for a larger version)

kerran-house-27 kerran-house-26 kerran-house-24 kerran-house-2 kerran-house-3 kerran-house-5 kerran-house-9 kerran-house-10 kerran-house-11 kerran-house-13    kerran-house-16 kerran-house-21 kerran-house-20