Easthaven by the Sea

A quaint little village on a small cliff overlooking the ocean. This is my second claim in Closed Beta and so far, my favorite. It is still a work in progress, at this time, and I will be updating this page when I add more builds and decorations.

Future plans: rebuilding some of the older builds in town, updating our bank with L&T for secure lock boxes, adding more homes that will be rented out to fellow players. Check out more about our secure lock boxes and home rentals here.

Claim Location:

World: Determination
Island: Delta
Location: 2373, 1129,50
Keywords: Dhara, village, town, medieval, Easthaven, marketplace

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Check out a few screenshots below: (click the image for a larger version)

easthaven7 easthaven8 easthaven2 easthaven3 easthaven4 easthaven5