Ogre Guild Hall

Winning Entry in the SOE Ogre Foundation Contest!

This 7-Claim structure was built to nestle into a mountain top slope with three tiered levels. On the main floor the  guild hall has  a main meeting area complete with VIP seating, a special chair for the Grand Poobah, a small kitchen and eating area as well as two separate areas for smaller meetings! Upstairs you will find tons of room for guild members to gather with almost every spot having a good view of below.  You will also find my interpretation of what an Ogre restroom might look like!  On the top floor there is yet more standing room for guild members and an awning system to cover the ventilation grates that allow for plenty of fresh air and light.  This claim is giant so there is a lot more to see.  I have way too many screenshots below!

Special thanks to FryCaptain for pitching in at the last moment to help me finish this build up in time!!

I hope you enjoyed learning more about my Ogre Guild Hall. Feel free to tour it in person on the Kerran Foundation Island, Coming Soon™

Check out the screenshots below: (click the image for a larger version)

finalogres-24 finalogres-25 finalogres-27 ogresfinal-fna74 ogresfinal-fna73 ogresfinal-fna71 ogresfinal-fna70 ogresfinal-fnal69 ogresfinal-fnal67 ogresfinal-fnal64 ogresfinal-fnal63 ogresfinal-fnal59 ogresfinal-fnal58 ogresfinal-fnal57 ogresfinal-fnal56  ogres-w34 ogres-w31 ogres-w32 ogres-w33  ogres-w36 ogres-w2 ogres-w3 ogres-w4 ogres-w5 ogres-w6 ogres-w7 ogres-w8 ogres-w9 ogres-w18 ogres-w17 ogres-w16 ogres-w15 ogres-w13 ogres-w12 ogres-w11  ogres-w30 ogres-w29 ogres-w28 ogres-w19 ogres-w20 ogres-w21 ogres-w22 ogres-w23 ogres-w24 ogres-w25 ogres-w26