Rob My Bank

Congratulations to Entilzar who cracked our locks in short order.  He cracked all four safe deposit boxes and won 100k copper!

Jan 18, 2015

Hi guys! FryCaptain and I have finally finished the L&T Combination lock we have been working on. We have set up some safe deposit boxes in the bank in Easthaven and we want to know if they are actually as secure as we think they are. So….we are inviting everyone to come rob our bank! You could win up to 100k copper!

Starting at 11:00pm (MT) tonight until next Saturday night at midnight, we will have filled all four safe deposit boxes with 25k copper each. First one to hack in one of the boxes gets that copper! Hack all four and take it all!

If you DO manage to hack in, we would be VERY grateful if you will use the feedback button on the claim to let us know how you did it.

Check out this video to see the bank in action:

See the landmark forum discussion here:

Easthaven by the Sea

A quaint little village on a small cliff overlooking the ocean. This is my second claim in Closed Beta and so far, my favorite. It is still a work in progress, at this time, and I will be updating this page when I add more builds and decorations.

Future plans: rebuilding some of the older builds in town, updating our bank with L&T for secure lock boxes, adding more homes that will be rented out to fellow players. Check out more about our secure lock boxes and home rentals here.

Claim Location:

World: Determination
Island: Delta
Location: 2373, 1129,50
Keywords: Dhara, village, town, medieval, Easthaven, marketplace

Click here to find it in the Gallery

Check out a few screenshots below: (click the image for a larger version)

easthaven7 easthaven8 easthaven2 easthaven3 easthaven4 easthaven5