Water of Gold Winery

Winning Entry in the SOE Kerran Foundation Contest!

The Water of Gold Winery was built for the EQN Kerran Workshop and was entered into the Kerran Foundation Museum Competition.  One of the first things you notice about this build is the quaint grape vineyard located off to the side that is bursting with grapes and ready for harvest.  Once you pass through the grand entrance you will find a grape press, a lift, and plenty of room for storage.  The next floor holds an area to create and bottle wine, an area to offload from the lift, lots of custom shelving for the different varieties of wine and access to the top floor. The top floor is a very special, open air wine tasting room inspired from a modern Asian tea room that allows for the customary floor-seating but has built in leg space below the tables for added comfort and also includes an awesome ceiling fan to help keep a nice breeze passing through on a hot jungle afternoon.   To top it all off, a beautiful glowing orb surrounded by Kerran inspired stars gives the build a bit of a mystical quality.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about the Water of Gold Winery.  Feel free to tour it in person on the Kerran Foundation Island, Coming Soon™

Check out the screenshots below: (click the image for a larger version)

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