Takish Outpost

Winning Entry in the Daybreak (SOE) Takish Foundation Contest!

Welcome to my Takish Outpost with Guard Towers!  The outpost spans over 12 claims and has hollow walls where you can teleport to the front alcoves or to the top of the corner towers. The front gate is equipped with a force field on each side to keep out visitors who have been stopped at the checkpoint. Two giant towers hovering above are easily accessed via teleporters in the outbuildings inside of the outpost and can accommodate a lot of fighters on the spiral walkways. My main goal here was to create not only a beautiful outpost, but one that was actually defensible. Soldiers will be able to access all critical positions quickly and efficiently.


Check out the screenshots below: (click the image for a larger version)

towgt-1 towgt-2
towgt-5 towgt-10
towgt-11 towgt-12
towgt-14 towgt-15
towgt-13 towgt-22
towgt-27 towgt-39
towgt-29 towgt-28
towgt-30 towgt-32
 towgt-31 towgt-41
towgt-46 towgt-53
towgt-56 towgt-58
towgt-59 towgt-86
 towgt-69 towgt-83
towgt-79 towgt-72